Reclaiming My Wasteland

Reclaiming My Wasteland

God’s plan to restore and sanctify His people
before the return of Jesus Christ

By Sarah Beveridge



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Reclaiming My Wasteland is a book sure to shock a few in the body of Christ. In it, you will learn what lies at the heart of how the kingdom of darkness manipulates, controls, and oppresses mankind. Known as the “Mystery of Iniquity,” you will gain a deep understanding of how this mysterious evil lawlessness influences and defiles humans—including Christians.

At a time when evil is going from bad to worse, Jesus is restoring the foundations to His church, including the truth that freedom from demons is part of the gospel message. Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil and set the captives free, not start a new religion. And that’s our job too, but unfortunately the church today mostly ignores the subject of deliverance, consequently, many Christians are not receiving freedom from their afflictions and addictions. Just because we “got saved” doesn’t mean the effects of our past has been dealt with. Freedom and restoration is available for all God’s people if you desire to reclaim your wasteland.

As an overcomer in Christ, I have written a candid and powerful testimony of deliverance, sanctification, and restoration. My testimony illustrates and declares God is moving to cleanse and purify the bride of Christ. I explain what “sanctification” is, and why it is so crucial to transformation. I offer valuable insight into receiving and maintaining deliverance from the demonic. I teach you how to recognize the devices of the enemy, stand against them, and live an overcoming lifestyle. 

The testimony in this book declares God is restoring and purifying His people before the return of Jesus Christ to reclaim Earth. Only Jesus can deliver us, heal our wounds, and restore us. He will set His people free, and sanctify us completely; spirit, soul and body, so we may be preserved blameless unto the coming of our Lord (1 Th 5:23).


Chapter 1:  Unveiling the Mystery of Iniquity

Chapter 2:  What Jesus Taught about the Mystery of Iniquity

Chapter 3:  Deliverance and Possessing Our Own Soul

Chapter 4:  Evil Working Secretly Through Technology and Mass Media

Chapter 5:  Cleansing the Soul and Restoring the Flow of the Holy Spirit

Chapter 6:  A Defining Moment and a Healed Heart

Chapter 7:  God will sanctify you completely; spirit, soul and body

Chapter 8:  Going All the Way In With the Lord

Chapter 9:  The Lifestyle of an Overcomer


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