About Me


My Heavenly Father was drawing me to Jesus for years. In 2008, on my 49th birthday, I was finally radically awakened by Jesus and nothing in my life has been the same since. I am exceedingly thankful to the Lord for calling me out of darkness and into His marvelous Light. Jesus is truly my Bridegroom!

I was called to be a scribe, teacher, and prophetic intercessor. Jesus told me in 2009, “Pray for my sheep without ceasing.” Therefore I pray as the Holy Spirit leads, which includes what He shows me in dreams and visions. I share some of those things for the benefit of the Lord’s body in YouTube videos. In 2013, the Lord told me to make YouTube videos and He said they will be a witness in the earth when I am gone.

The Scriptures teach us that transformation through pursuing and knowing Christ should be a central focus in the life of all Christians. My own transformation journey has taught me many things. The primary thing I have learned is you cannot expect to change into the image of Christ without an intimate and abiding relationship with the person of Jesus Christ. Therefore, I encourage my brethren to elevate your relationship with the Lord and continue to seek Him for the transformation He desires for each of us. The rewards are far greater than the challenge of the kind of walk it takes to truly know the person of Jesus Christ.

Much Love In Christ,

Sarah Beveridge

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